Our Story

Ca’ Momi [Kah-Moh-Mee]          (translation: “House of Momi” in Italian)


The name Ca’ Momi (House of Momi) honors our roots. Our property in Veneto, Italy once belonged to Momi dea Bionda, a hardworking farmer who became a local legend for his obsessive devotion to his family, farm and vineyards and for the rifle he would easily fire to defend them. To this day the house is still known as the house of Momi, and his spirit still fiercely protects it.


We share Momi’s values of authenticity, passion, loyalty, dedication and obsession with quality. It is why we chose to pay homage to his legacy in the name of our Napa Valley winery. We proudly share our Italian heritage, and strive each day to honor these values within ourselves, in how we do business and how we make wine.

Our Values


Align your head, heart and hands to become the best expression of yourself. Choose consciously, communicate openly, act consistently and build trust.


Seek purpose and joy in all that you do and inspire others to do the same. Show intellectual curiosity and a desire to learn and grow.


Express humility and empathy towards all, treating everyone as you would wish to be treated. Create value and seek success by being of service to others.


Be truthful in all words and actions, upright in all intentions and never fear learning from past mistakes.

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