Our Story

We grew up in Italy, where wine is on the table 365 days a year and no one worries about opening the “right” or “wrong” bottle. We founded Ca’ Momi in 2006 to honor our roots and build a New Napa centered on community, authenticity, and enjoying life’s simple pleasures.

We heartcraft our wines with passion, integrity and soulful intention, and we savor them as an everyday celebration of life—best enjoyed in the company of family, friends, and a great meal.

Our Values

Be Authentic

Act with honesty, integrity and mindfulness.

Ignite Passion

Find joy & purpose in what you do; inspire others to do the same.

Show Kindness

Be empathetic; communicate with humility and gratitude.

Ensure Quality

Show obsessive commitment and accountability to the highest standards and care.

Stay Curious

Stay aware and engaged; always seek out ways to improve.