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Asparagus with fried eggs (Milanese style)

Asparagus with fried eggs (Milanese style)

Serves Four

3 to 4 pounds of Asparagus
1 tbsp Butter
4 eggs
4 tbsp grated Parmesan cheese
Salt and fresh ground black pepper to taste

First, gently wash asparagus under running water and pat dry. Cut off the white ends from each stalk and remove the outer layer of each stalk below the tips with a potato peeler. We find the easiest way to cook the asparagus is to tie it up in a bunch with kitchen string and stand the bunch, tips up, in a tall, narrow pot filled just high enough to keep the tips above the water. This will allow the tips to cook in the steam, which is preferred.

While your asparagus is cooking, melt butter in a frying pan and add the eggs; try not break the yolk! We do them one egg at a time. Once cooked (the egg yolk should be still runny), remove from the pan and set aside. Drain the asparagus and add to the same pan, in which you fried the egg (we also do this one serving of asparagus at a time).

Arrange them in the skillet with the tips meeting in the center and cover with the egg. We like the sunburst pattern, but feel free to get creative! Add salt and pepper and sprinkle with the Parmesan cheese. Continue to cook on a low flame until the cheese is partially melted. Gently remove from pan and transfer to a plate. Serve nice and hot!

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Fried egg and roasted fresh  asparagus in black plate