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Heartcrafted wines

From 2014's initial pick on August 28th at 6:30am onward,

the next couple of months will be spent in the vineyard, deciding which grape clusters need more time on the vine and which can be hauled in for crush. Contrary to popular belief, not all of our grapes were harvested in that first 6:30 a.m. batch. Some clusters will need more time on the vine to ripen even after the start of fall.
Our harvest modus operandi is a stark contrast to our otherwise technology-driven winemaking operations. Just as it has been done in Italy for centuries, our vineyards are hand-harvested. Workers carry three basic tools: Sharp pruning shears, a small carrying basket, and protective gloves. Unlike machines, our team can determine damaged fruit from good and access hard-to-reach hillsides where some of the best fruit is.
Our wines carry many flavors, aromas, essences and balanced finishes, but what is often forgotten in the bottle is the love— our early wake-up calls, late nights, and time spent picking, pruning, stacking and sorting the grapes later called wine: that’s where the heart-crafting comes in.


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